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How to prepare for a short trip

You just booked your flights for a destination where you are going to spend a weekend or just a few days? You didn’t add an extra check-in luggage because you don’t have too many items to carry but you don’t really know how to pack your cabin luggage? Don’t worry, I’ll guide you with my experiences and tell you about my traveling essentials, the items that I always have with me when I travel with the plane for a short trip.


My parents used to tell me that we were not allowed to carry liquids in the cabin luggage when we were preparing for an upcoming trip. I, therefore, never thought of transporting any liquid with me to avoid troubles. But when I moved to Germany and I started to travel around Europe for short period trips, I realized that I could do it under certain restrictions. I was wondering, before starting my traveling adventures, if I would always have to buy shower products, shampoo, creams and any other liquid that we use daily on-site when I arrive at the destination. This might sound funny to backpackers or frequent travellers who sometimes only carry cabin luggage but for my 18-year-old self this was a real question I was asking myself. I was glad to discover that it was possible to carry these products but only if they’re in a plastic bag and if the quantity of each liquid doesn’t exceed 100 mL and the total of products in the plastic bag shouldn’t exceed 1 L. It’s useful and easier to have smaller versions of your products if you have a special routine and do not use any other products for example if you use a certain cleanser, toner, cream or other product. At the supermarket or drugstore, you can usually find travel plastic bags with small empty bottles for you to fill a sample of your products in them. I have a cute plastic bag that also has a little bit of texture in it to give it a style, I always carry it with me and until today I never had any problem with it. Don’t try to bring everything, if you’re only traveling for a few days, you know which product you won’t need, and you can select the most important ones not to exceed the maximum of 1 L.


When it’s time for packing, we almost all tend to bring more clothes than we need. If you go on a 4-days-trip, you can’t bring you whole closet with you. You must think the minimalistic way: pack only the essentials and leave what you won’t use. I usually try to pack 1 outfit per day, a pyjama and an outfit for partying. I don’t like bringing too many clothes with me because I also want to come back with new clothes. I like shopping, just like most millennials, and when I visit a foreign place I like to try on their traditional clothes or find nice clothes that I wouldn’t see back home. Also, some shops that we can find everywhere in Europe or in the World have different collections for different countries and it’s always interesting to look at it and buy stuff that other won’t be able to find in your country. Also, don’t forget to bring warm clothes because even if you’re traveling during summer or to a sunny place, you never know if the weather will change and you need to be prepared for wind and rain. On-site you can also buy sweaters, raincoats and umbrellas, but when you don’t really know a place you don’t want to be bothered and search for a shop in town where you can find what you need.


You will probably want to take beautiful pictures of landscapes, food, yourself, or just capture the moments of your trips to keep the memories with you and add a new picture to your Facebook or Instagram profile, I know! So, you will either need your smartphone camera or a small camera. I like to make videos when I visit a place but sometimes I forget to film the scenes or what I do when I’m having too much fun and enjoying the moment to the point where I even forget that I want to make a film out of it, which is great because traveling is more about experiencing new sensations and discovering new places that the eyes will enjoy and never forget than going to a place just because you saw that influencers went there and you want the same Instagram pictures on your feed without taking advantage of it and enjoying the moment, the people, and everything the place has to offer. But taking pictures or recording videos is also very important to me because I want to share my experiences with my friends and family and show them the beautiful locations I get to be in. I am also a media student and passionate about videos, films and everything that is visual, I like editing videos and posting it online for the world to see but I have to admit that I’ve never really been a pro and after watching and re-watching some of my old videos that I had published on YouTube a thousands of time, I just decided to delete them because the editing was so bad, or I looked bad, or it was just bad in general ha-ha. I also have to admit that I haven’t recorded much of my most recent trips which I regret a lot because I’m thinking of all the amazing content I could have made out of it. I have a small vlogging camera that I really like and I can carry it easily everywhere, but what you can do is just use your phone for pictures and videos and come out with beautiful results to share or keep for yourself.


Which destination are you going to? Because if you are used to always pay with the card, let me inform you that it is not always possible and it also happens sometimes that your card won’t work in this country or that you’ll have technical problems that restrains you from using it. That’s why, and my mom says that all the time, you should always have a little bit of cash with you (or a friend who can lend you money, but only if you pay them back after ha-ha). When I spent a day in Bratislava, I didn’t really use the cash I had because I had euros and they use another currency there. I made a mistake because I checked every activity to do and places to see online before arriving, but I didn’t even check if Slovakia was in the Euro Zone. I was thankfully able to withdraw money with my German debit card in their currency without having to find a change bureau and exchange my euros.