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Cami, Child of the world


My little story...

Hi, I'm Camille, a curious traveler who enjoys exploring different places around the world, learning new languages and have more insights into foreign cultures. I'm originally from Ivory Coast, a beautiful and sunny country located in West Africa, and I moved in 2017 to Cologne, Germany to study Media Management.

I've always been passionate about music, dance, languages, arts, etc. I actually play the guitar and I used to play the flute. French is my mother tongue, I also speak English, German and a little bit of Arabic. I am currently learning dutch and I would love to speak Japanese one day. I decided to do Media Studies because I am an active social media user and I just like creating content and communicating with people online. I believe that I am a funny person but I guess you would have to judge. Just look at my picture! I could be a meme haha.


How it all started

My love story with traveling started back in 2007 when I traveled for the first time to one of my favorite destinations that will always stay in my mind even though I was really young : Morocco!

I have so many good memories about this old trip that makes me want to go back again as an adult and explore more because I am pretty sure the country has a lot to offer. Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you'll enjoy it!

Morocco - 2007

This picture was taken somwehere in Morocco, either in Casablanca, Agadir or Essaouira, I can't remember.

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